Aroh was founded in May of 2013 as a non-profitable organization and is registered under the Public Charitable Trust Act of India. The mission of the trust is to provide care and support to children with cancer and their families.

The trust aspires to make sure that the child will survive cancer if it is medically possible and lack of money or support or ignorance of the disease will never be a hindrance to achieving that goal. The trust, its dedicated staff and volunteers support the child and the family throughout their journey with cancer.


Aroh is proud to be a partner with CanKids Kidscan in changing the state of Childhood Cancer in India. Both Aroh and CanKids are grassroot level organizations working on providing the entire spectrum of childhood cancer support services.

The Story of Blessy

Sitting pretty in the chair, Blessy looked like a doll, chubby with bright eyes and with the sweetest of smiles. This was our first meeting with Blessy and her parents. Her brain tumour had grown beyond the possibilities of medical treatment and she was sent home. We were there with Dr.Aravind, a Palliative Care specialist, to discuss further palliative treatment for Blessy. Thus started one of the most heart-wrenching experiences for Aroh.